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Gati Aher

Undergraduate CS @ Olin College

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Coder • Researcher • Math-Enthusiast • Artist

I am currently a fourth year undergraduate majoring in Engineering: Computing at Olin College of Engineering. Currently, I am working as a computing researcher in Olin's Microbiology and Bioinformatics lab advised by Dr. Jean Huang, in Olin's Satellite + Spectrum Technology & Policy group advised by Dr. Whitney Lohmeyer, and on a senior capstone research project advised by Fidelity Center for Applied Technology.

Previously, I have worked on AI safety and large language models projects through internships at Microsoft Research (advised by Dr. Adam Kalai & Dr. Rosa Arriaga), Indico Data (advised by Madison May), and The MITRE Corporation (advised by Dr. John Henderson).

Research Interests

Probabilistic NLP Models

Large language models trained at scale show emerging intelligent behavior, such as coherent and grammatical structures, cultural knowledge, and abstract reasoning capabilities.

  • @ Microsoft Research, I used GPT-3 and Turning-NLP to simulate distributions of responses to psychology experiments.

Model Robustness

Adversarial attacks may manipulate the behavior of AI systems to serve a malicious end goal.

  • @ The MITRE Corporation, I prototyped a docker containerized adversarial attack testing platform and populated a public information resource.
  • @ MITRE NLP Lab, I supported research into practical attacks on machine translation using paraphrase.

Cross-Source Information Extraction

Extracting information from documents requires the ability to link events, entities and associated relations across multiple sources.

  • @ Indico Data R&D, I worked on deep learning NLP and CV approaches to PDF information extraction.
  • @ Olin Satellite Lab, I consolidated multiple possibly contradictory data sources when scraping the FCC's international filings database.

Event Sequence Modeling

With language, voice, and time-series data, data items are dependent on data before or after it.

  • @ Olin Microbiology Lab, I characterized time-series data from perturbed and recovering microbial communities using methods from compositional data analysis.
  • @ Fidelity R&D, I analyzed distributions of cryptocurrency technical trading indicators over time.


Olin Microbiology Lab
Olin Satellite Lab
Fidelity R&D
Microsoft Research
Indico Data R&D
Cumulus Digital Systems
The MITRE Corporation
Boston University

Undergraduate Researcher @ Olin Bioinformatics & Microbiology Lab

January 2021 - January 2023, part-time

Advised by Professor Jean Huang

  • Led research on analyzing composition shifts in time-series of cultured, perturbed microbiomes.
  • Conducted literature review to find, apply, and analyze limitations of Random Matrix Theory approach, Compositional Data Analysis, and network analysis.
  • Presented poster at Northeastern Microbiologists: Physiology, Ecology, and Taxonomy (NEMPET).
  • Led project on cleaning and interpreting 2D Fourier analysis to isolate patterns in bacterial surface images to identify pattern and shape of surface proteins.


Using Large Language Models to Simulate Multiple Humans
G. Aher, R. I. Arriaga, and A. T. Kalai.
In progress of submitting to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ArXiv preprint.

Evaluating the FCC's $10 Billion Gamble: Successfully Accelerating Access to Spectrum in Auction 107
P. Boyalakuntla, G. Aher, P. Post, G. Miner, L. Heinrich, Y. Mao, J. A. Musey, W. Lohmeyer.
Submitted to Journal of Information Policy (JIP). SSRN preprint.

An Analysis and Review of Geostationary Satellite Applications Submitted to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) From 2000 to 2022
P. Post, K. Fleming, K. Canavan, S. Cho, G. Aher, W. Lohmeyer.
Submitted to Telecommunications Policy.

Effects and Recovery of Carbon Perturbation on Composition of Phototrophic Microbial Community Enriched from a Freshwater Pond
G. Aher, J. Huang.
In progress.

Demystifying Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies
G. Aher*, N. Faber*, E. Ito-Fisher*, A. Mascillaro*, L. Stein.
In progress.

Conference Proceedings

Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy (TPRC) > (Sep. 2022): Auction 107 (C-Band): Policy and Closing Bid Price Analysis

Talks & Slides

Microsoft Research, ML Ideas Seminar (Sep. 2022): Using Large Language Models to Simulate Multiple Humans

Technical University of Łódź, PL MathUp Conference (Apr. 2021): Principal Component Analysis Case Study: Facial Recognition


Northeastern Microbiologists: Physiology, Ecology, and Taxonomy (NEMPET) (Jun. 2021): What Factors Affect Microbial Community Composition?

Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MassCUE) (Sep. 2018): SOARing with Drones in Education

Boston University, Greater Boston Research Opportunities for Women (GROW) (Jul. 2018): Refining Private Set Intersection Under Secure Multi-Party Computation

International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) (Jun. 2018): Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Amazon Web Services


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Teaching, Leadership, and Academic Service

ENGR3599A-SL Olin College (Instructor Student-Led Course, Spring 2023): Advanced Algorithms

MTH2110 Olin College (Teaching Assistant Head Grader, Fall 2022): Discrete Mathematics

GirlsWhoCode Olin College (Branch Leader, Fall 2022)

Data Science and ML Lunch-and-Learn Olin College (Organizer & Presenter, Fall 2021)

ENGR2510 Olin College (Teaching Assistant, Fall 2022)

Einstein's Workshop Coding & STEM Classes (Teaching Assistant, 2017 - 2019)

Shishu Bharati Indian Language K-8 (Teaching Assistant, 2015 - 2019)

FIRST Lego League Robotics (Mentor, Fall 2018)

Some recent art...


My hobbies include drawing, dance, long-distance running, and playing four instruments :)